Further Reading Print No.2: Boundaries

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Further Reading Print No.2 is coming this month! In our second issue, we examine the dynamics between the boundaries that surround us from both before and during the shift that our world undergoes.

How do the boundaries inside and around us affect the practices of our work, the subjects we engage with, or the ways we navigate ourselves? To define it plainly, the boundary is something that marks a limit or extent. In relation to the matters that surround us, the dynamics of those boundaries are shaping what the future holds for us. By examining the relationships between us and the boundaries that influence us, we are building a better understanding of our position within the shifting of the currents.

Apart from Southeast Asia, the issue features distinctive voices from Hong Kong, Seoul and Melbourne, all the way to Berlin and Copenhagen.

— 21 contributors
— 130 × 190 mm
— 168 pages (including inserts and a bookmark)
— Blue and black soy-based riso on certified paper
— Open stitch binding
— Designed by Each Other Company

Further Reading is an independent multi-format publishing platform that compiles reading references, produces design periodicals, curates exhibitions, and organizes workshops. We seek to engage in discourse within design practices by exploring through the wider contexts.