Welcome to Aksara Online! 


Our 20th year of being a specialty retail store and community hub falls at such an uncertain time for the world.

In response, we had to create a space where you, Dear Customer, can always visit and shop without worry.

It seems like a whole new world, but we promise to stay true to our core values: 



We know how overwhelming online shopping can be, so we are taking careful care to display only a small selection of our very best — assuring you a clutter-free browsing experience. If there is something you need that you don’t see here, please do not hesitate to send us a note on the contact form.



We will always provide a playlist that you can listen to while browsing, just like you would at our physical store. We pay special attention to graphic design and layout, just as we would carefully set up our display tables and shelves.



We will do our best to serve your every request, big or small. Let us know if you need recommendations or if you need a special note or wrapping. 

Fill in our contact form or email us at aksarakemang@gmail.com.  Also feel free to share your ideas for books and other products, or any other feedback we need to hear. 


Happy browsing - and we wish you good health and much joy!